Introduction Many humans loose lives every day within Borderlands and the main probe is often the victim’s nationality, as American or Mexican. Indigenous denotes belonging to particular land, through tradition and time. From a historical perspective, debates on entitlement to citizenship tell that exclusion and inclusion have constantly formed alike pillars of equality and oppression... Continue Reading →



 EXPLORE HAND HYGIENE COMPLIANCE AMONG NURSING IN HEALTHCARE SETTING USING BEHAVIORAL THEORY By Tumusiime Isaac +254712214954  Introduction Hand Hygiene is a broad term mentioning any hand cleansing action (WHO 2016, P.4). Hand hygiene, whether by hand disinfection or washing, remains the sole utmost significant measure to avoid nosocomial contaminations. A healthcare related infection is attained... Continue Reading →

Tesla In China

Tesla In China Preparation for market entry: An analysis of the target culture (and regional / industry sub-cultures if necessary).   Market Targeted For electric vehicles, the People’s Republic of China is currently the world’s leading marketplace. It is estimated that by 2018, China will be the globe’s principal marketplace for luxury automobiles because electric (plug-in)... Continue Reading →

human rights and sharia: Saudi Arabia

Human rights and Sharia Law as Sources Of Current Jurisprudence Introduction Saudi Arabia is a Muslim state whose legal system recognizes the reign of divine sovereignty. A conflict between the mosque and the state that can be labeled of non-Islamic countries’ history is absent in the Saudi Arabia world historically. The Saudi Judiciary applies the... Continue Reading →  Page  17 BIBLIOGRAPHY Constitution of The Republic of Uganda, 1995 (as amended)The Civil Procedure rulesThe Limitation Act, Cap. 80 Laws of UgandaThe Civil Procedure and Limitation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, Chapter 72 Lawsof Uganda Text Books (arlsburys Laws of E ngland 3rd Ed Vol. 24Musa Ssekaana & S. N. Ssekaana; Civil Procedure and Practice in... Continue Reading →

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